Centuries of Work Ethic Dies in One Year

 For the most part, I try to keep this blog focused on the good of the past without specifically referencing one leader or party, even though one is literally named after conserving it and one is actively advocating being woke from it.  However, this blog's point necessitates a pointed criticism of the current leaders of one party.  However, let's begin in the past.

For literally THOUSANDS of years, people understood that you must work to be rewarded.  It is all over Scripture, ingrained in classical works of literature, and passed down in family traditions and stories.  I have a page on this site that is dedicated to Scriptures regarding it, a page of Benjamin Franklin talking about it, and another page of quotes that touch on it.

When I grew up, I heard many stories of the thrifty ways of women managing households and of the back breaking work of men that provided for their families.  Yes, I did work to earn the money for my first car and to pay for my living in my own place after high school, but I would have been ASHAMED from my upbringing to be a man that sat on my ass and didn't pay for my bills.  Many generations of men in Heaven would have been shaking their heads in shame at me, if I did.

Indeed, even in the times of my life when I was the at home parent as I homeschooled my ADHD daughter, I felt guilty for not earning money, and I was constantly trying different ways to make money and went back to school to finish my degree to MAKE more money, after I ended my time at home.

However.... stop and consider this achievement of the left.  IN ONE YEAR, the left has taken THOUSANDS of years of work ethic and upbringing and convinced everyone to sit on their ass and take government money as a bribe for their pride, and the public bought it... at first.

Now, after the election, the government started pulling back money for the poor and funneling it into their own projects, and the poor that followed them are sitting at home and seeing their savings disappear and facing financial hardship.  They complain to the open hand of the Democrats that led them down this road, only to be told that they don't really need things like... extra money, clothing, extra food, etc.  Further, even as the left pushes continued lockdowns, they are cutting off the government money, leaving the poor that followed them out in the literal cold.

Meanwhile, I worked my ass off from the start, because I can't just live off handouts.  I moved across country in a pandemic to be near my daughter. Went from having no car to an old car... that was stolen.. to another old car.. that had an accident.. to a newer car.  I went from staying in an unsafe place to a better place and within months will be in a good place.  I went from being weekly at my residence to monthly, having to worry about food and basics to a savings.  And, NONE of that came from government aid but a steady application of positive work ethic and traditional values.

You may not end up making the amount I make, but that's not the point.  If I had not taken this job, I still could have made it by driving Uber, and ... indeed... with my newer car I could make even more with reduced expenses if I ever decided to take that route, again.  The point is that I wasn't reliant on the whims of a leader that makes promises to get elected.  I was reliant on my own two hands and a will to succeed on my own.  My HOPE is that this sobering collapse under this leader will be a wake up call to re-discover the peace of compensation for a job well done.


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