When I was growing up, my family was poor.  That taught me an important lesson that is needed for all young adults to know.  If you wanted something, you needed to work to prepare for it.  So, when I wanted a car to drive, I worked mowing yards, picking okra, bailing hay, sweeping the floors at the school over summer, and more.  Then, I was proud to have the money to buy a cheap, old car.

We live in an instant gratification society, but it wasn’t always that way.  I recall people warning about this change in society with the use of microwaves, remote controls, computers, and cell phones.  They said those things would make people lazy and lead to a lack of patience.

Now, we find ourselves in a society where people want results, right now.  If they can’t get it immediately, they bail or get angry.  Patience is gone, and people are getting less and less physically fit.  Even the process of exercising is rejected as too hard, and people instead demand others accept them as they are.

But, is that how WE accept others?  Do we accept the results of others that are incomplete or substandard?  Don’t we reward those that provide more with more of our time and money?

I have a lot of preparation to do.. both in terms of finances and fitness.  However, several months ago, I began preparing for that improvement.  I thought… what kind of man would a decent woman that would work with me want?  Then, I began by applying till I got a better job for more money.  Now, I’m beginning the process of preparing my body, as well.

My daughter once said about this, “Aren’t you just changing yourself for other people?”  And, that’s true… I am.  But, hopefully we all want to be the best version of ourselves that works with others, because we are a society and people are in relationships… both of those require sacrificing things we want to make other people happy, because that will increase OUR happiness even more.

Otherwise, we may as well go live in a cabin and eat till we die.


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