Mission of This Site

 Why did I start this blog?  

I began this blog to help people remember that the “old days” are reflected on as good, because everyone knows we all were happier when we could just live free.

Remember when you could play outside as a kid?  Remember when you had fun with others, without checking their party, race, gender, or economic class?  Recall when you could date someone for things you shared, rather than identifying things you did not?  Remember the music and movies of the past, when people did the moonwalk to Michael Jackson, watched Eddie Murphy on tv, and you didn’t ask whether that was ok.  Can you recall people asking your position on whether you believed in global warming or funded affirmative action before they would be your friend?  I’m what movie of the past is political lines used as dividers, at all?

It didn’t used to be this way.  We used to enjoy our lives, kiss our sweetheart, save our money, and have dreams of a better life without any of that being deemed as selfish or offensive to those not participating.

My hope and goal with this blog is that we can take the lessons from our elders and create a world fit for our children, before we become slaves to the riches and power hunger of those not members of our lives or our source of happiness.


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