Good Old Romance Stories

 I made a change in both my goals for myself and how I present myself over the course of the last year.  As many of you know, I spent years over on the left, trying to please women by adapting to their criticisms of the “toxic male” and in so doing made myself single and undesirable.  Why?  I learned that even those doing the criticisms were themselves interested in the men of their criticisms and the men that followed their instructions became “friend zoned” by their devotion and lack of leadership.  Think.. Duckie in Pretty in Pink.  I don’t say this to criticize them but to hopefully help other men not make the same mistakes.  Despite popular conclusion, good old romance is still very much alive.

Think about it.  Women still want to be Cinderella (my ex wife even had that song from the movie in her wedding) and to have a wealthy man come in and save her from a life of poverty and become special by his gifts.  They still watch Hallmark romance stories of strong men that sweep them off their feet.  They aren’t watching a sensitive man channel, partially because no such channel exists for lack of interest.

Women grew up feeling safe and provided by their fathers, and they criticize men that cannot do the same for them.  As someone that stepped back from a career to spend more time caring for a woman only to be rejected, let me say that is still very important, regardless of political party.  Indeed, all the leaders on the left that espoused those ideals have themselves gained by old school marriages to husbands that do the same.

I do not know if at my age I will find the right click of romance, but what I can tell you is following the liberal lead on men will eventually lead you to be a single man to many women married to men that are at least a little toxically masculine.  So, you can either be their friend or their interest.  Choose.


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