Beneficial Masculinity

 I've done several posts on some of my social media pages over the last several months about my re-discovery of my masculinity, as well as highlighting the errors of following liberal thinking that saw it as being "toxic" in the past.

As I have noted, the left didn't define "toxic masculinity" as being any specific behaviors by specific people but took a wide brush to condemn an entire gender.  Thus, whether it became sports or outdoor activities or even male romance, itself, the message was to distrust and dislike any help by them and to reject their opinions as valid.

This robbed women of being able to receive romantic actions by a man, and it cut men off at the knees from their ability to express that care.  Then, the women get upset that they are not being romanced by a man without any approved means of displaying that care.  They could not guide without "man-splaining".. could not help without the woman feeling it makes them inferior.  They could not even receive gifts without feeling less for not earning more.  

Luckily, the reality is that their words were mainly just words for politics or being approved by other women, since even the leaders of the feminist movements were... themselves... married to men that didn't proscribe to their male-limitations and, themselves, received much money and aid by their husbands.

I don't say this to say that they are wrong to do this.  I say it to say that their message that they pushed out to people and destroyed the lives and marriages of many women were not things they felt apt to apply to their own lives... nor did they express any concern for the collateral damage they did to so many women's lives.

The reality is that absent failures by weak men, masculinity ISN'T bad, and they know it.  That's why they love their daddy, which they were glad could protect and provide for them.  They watch romance movies with strong or wealthy men that can give gifts or security.  And, men need to realize that women have turned to the government to give them the things their husbands have failed to provide... economic security and protection of children.

History bears out a long history of chivalrous men that took care of their women.  Even the Confederates in the civil war would rise when a woman would draw near, and they provided them many assets as a reward for being their support.  Yes, many of them wrongly had slaves, but it does not negate the honor of women as a virtue straight from the pages of the Bible's virtuous women passages, proverbs, and Song of Solomon.  

So, one of the things I hope this blog will do is re-awaken REAL masculinity in men to benefit their wives and children and allow women the peace to lovingly receive it.


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