They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

 When I was growing up, I helped my dad, who was a carpenter, do cabinets, shingling, and other construction projects.  I recall him taking great care to plan the projects, get the materials (raw materials), cut the designs by hand, and more.  Everything he made was quality and built to last.  I also recall another time in my life when I was a manager of a furniture department in a store.  I recall the vendors and staff lamenting how everything switched from hardwoods to particle board and nothing would last more than a year or so by design.  Unfortunately, that was a bigger truth than just furniture.  Nothing was made to last, and everything was easily disposable.

There is a reason why everyone reflects back to the days of the past.  There you could find meaning, quality, and consistency.  There you were safe from the ravages of a fast-paced, disposable society that welcomed your fandom but saw you as replaceable.  There, you had a point of reference from which to draw identity and explore safely, knowing you always had that fixed point unto which you could return.  That's why every holiday we reflect back on the "good old days" of the past, instead of the mess of the present or confusion of the future.  It's why classics are popular on the radio, and its why modern movies and tv shows keep re-creating historical periods in their shows.  They know there is good there to recall.

Was it perfect?  No.  Is anyone, today?  However, the same society that calls for canceling some groups .. primarily white or male or American.. in the past gives other groups a pass in the past and present.  Why can’t we all see the best in others and let them feel happy about themselves?

On my other blog this weekend ( I talk about how the anger and frustration of others can cause them to show a face that is defensive or distracted by their own problems. This  applies here, as well.  When we attack people's past.. or their PARENTS past, we make them defensive, and we unsettle them by taking away a feeling of connection to their fixed point.  So, they are distracted and frustrated when we interact with them and from which we draw our conclusions about them.  Instead of creating unity, it creates division, and the whole of society ends up feeling lost.

We would all be much better off if we gave a little grace to prior generations for following the morals of their day (in a society that today demands you adopt theirs) and received the examples of quality and stability that all of our ancestors have to provide to help guide us, today.


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