As we near Thanksgiving, it is a good time to talk about yet another thing lost in our day… gratitude.

This holiday has many different origin stories, and regardless of which you believe the day is about giving thanks.

Except.. now, that implies weakness by liberal standards.  Some of you know that my ex at the end of our marriage got more and more resistant to accepting my aid.  She said she felt that made her weaker, even though I never said or implied that but made it clear that helping is just something I do.. even to those I don’t like, often.  Now, I can understand with some of her health challenges why she would want to do more on her own, but a relationship where the man-provider cannot provide is doomed to failure, because the man cannot display his affections for her, and if she gets upset when he does things for her it’s impossible for her to receive any affections to romance her.

But, this isn’t just limited to relationships, though it kinda kills chivalry in its tracks.  Being able to reward someone or express appreciation for aid is needed in customer relations, workers, or even friendships.  The ability to say “thank you” and thereby admit nerd is a part and parcel of enabling everyone to interact with each other.  Take that away, and.. we’ll you get our society of people full of themselves and isolated from intimacy or connections.  I, for one, think the good old ways of thanksgiving was underrated and needs a return.


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