This blog is about something that is becoming more and more a lost concept in our days, partly because of men not stepping up but MORE because of a society that rejects it... namely, Daddy.

As I can hear the recoil of defensiveness building, let's think about it.  Our society likes to condemn anything that represents the alpha "toxic male" as being offensive to women who desire to be equals.  In so doing, they fail to notice one thing and they reject something they love without even noticing it.

First, they fail to notice that as a man leads in a relationship (or a more masculine female), they are not less than equal just because they are serving a different role.  As a single alpha male, I can tell you that my life is far from complete.  I suck at many things of which women are known for having a greater ability.. communication, tact, support, inspiration, and creating a welcoming appearance and environment.  Having a woman in my life that can do those things would be a great complement.  And, often times, I have heard even more progressive women object when the man doesn't have a plan for a date or doesn't work or doesn't provide.  Further, they feel that having to take on these characteristics is a struggle for them, when it is the day to day nature of a male.  Male and female are MADE to be EQUAL components of one functional unity.

Next, by attacking the concept of an alpha male that directs and provides, they are attacking the very definition and memory of their DADDY...or the daddy they wished to have.  They wanted their dad to be able to defend them, provide for them, and direct the household for them, paying the bills and planning the trips.  Now... that image they used to love is now being held to be an insult against them.  Further, as we near the seasons greetings, we must realize that it also destroys the whole concept of Santa... an old man that gets to decide what is good or bad, gives out presents, and whose very existence helps them feel their own lives have purpose.

In all the progress of our day, there are many things we need to remember from the past (the point of this blog), and I think that one of them is that men are not bad for being men.  They were a great thing to have as a daddy, and we can only hope our sons will be good men for their future wives.


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