Back Up

 My other blog is called Forward to Happiness, because I believe you do better to look towards the future and goals rather than the past and despair.  However, one lesson that I’ve known my whole life is that if you are on a road that is failing the best thing you can do is back up till you find the road you SHOULD have taken.  It is also useful, when you find you have lost YOURSELF and need to reflect on the days and details about yourself that you did like.  I’ve been rediscovering myself from the past and marrying it with what I like in the present for the last year after a difficult divorce.  It wasn’t till I connected my past with my future that I felt balanced and founded to act in the present.

Our society needs to do the above process, too.  It’s why I created this blog.  Poll after poll shows the large majority of the country’s people do not like the direction we are heading and feel our best days are begin us.  So, like above, we need to stop, back up to the times we felt happy and hopeful about our country and ourselves.. when we had optimism about our neighbors instead of distrusting.  Then, when we feel grounded in the good of the past, we can act in the present to lead in a direction we DO like and which leads to better days, ahead.


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