Young Adult Memories

 It was the early 90s.  I had graduated high honors from my high school and got an academic scholarship to the community college.... a scholarship I would lose by being over confident to take Calculus, but that's another lesson.

I was working at AMC Movie Theater, where I had moved up from being an Usher to Concession to Usher Trainer and Projectionist.  I actually put together the films for people to watch.  As I say that I wonder if any theater still uses film.. ha. 

It was in Lakeland, Florida, where I was also in a modeling agency.  I didn't have many modeling gigs, but I had a crush at one time on one of the girl models (short lived), and it was fun to pretend.  I was Mozart for a newspaper pic, one time.  That was the first time it occurred to me that newspaper pictures might not always be real.  I was wearing contacts at the time, and I always look better in contacts.  It's one reason that I don't wear them, now, as I want people to like me for me.

I did this job as I went to college at the community college and split rent at a house with two other people.  One was a peace love happiness guy, while the other was more of a listen to metal and would probably go to jail someday guy.  Ha.  I don't know what ended up with either of them, but it was a fun experience to live there.  

Working at the movie theater, I had a few romantic interests at that time.  I remember one redhead that worked concessions, and she absolutely captivated me.  I remember seeing a movie with her (the staff often watched new movies after everyone left and this was A League of Our Own.  We held hands I think, and I was just floating on air with the Madonna credits song.  I think she moved, shortly after that, but it made an impression on me.

That's my point.  All of these early adult memories that were formed when I stepped out on my own.... working my own job, living at my own place, making my own choices... had a bigger impact on informing and correcting me and helping me to become ME than any lesson taught by others... even the bad choices like drinking too much, being told I was making out with someone and waking up with vomit on my sweater at a theater party.... something I never did, again.

Our society, now, wants to live in the security of mom and dad's house and within their provision and rules.  Our society opposes risk and experimentation.  However, it is in THOSE periods (even now as I start again after divorce) that you really learn WHO you are and WHAT you like?  People shouldn't be sheltered and driven from those times.  They should be given the time to LIVE, LOVE, and make mistakes.  Then, they will have more confidence and personal strength in the years to come.


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