Testimony of the Past - It Was That It Was

 I have a testimony.  I don't believe my testimony is any less valid than your testimony, but yours does not invalidate mine, and I think you will come to find that many things that I will say will strike a chord in your memories, as well.  A testimony by another name is just a story, told from a perspective.  As I do my posts, you will heard parts of mine.  I'm not going to trash anyone, because that is not the point of this blog.  Whatever criticism was warranted, I simply want to present a picture... a retelling of how things used to be.  So, let's begin....

I grew up in small towns in the midwest.  We were poor, but I didn't know that.  As a child, all I knew was that this was my life, and I think that many forget that in the age of comparison our lives are... our lives.  So, because I only knew what I saw and being blessed with a personality that wanted to FIX situations and grow from them I learned what I would need to do and did it.

So, from the age of 11 or earlier, I was out there mowing yards, working with my dad shingling houses, picking okra or sweeping floors at the school in the summers.  I knew that if I wanted to grow from where I was that I would need to earn and to save in order to do it.  I knew it wasn't just going to be provided to me.

Before you think this is a unique quality, it isn't.  Most kids of my generation were raised that way by parents who were raised from their parents with a strong work ethic.  These generations also knew how to save and to reuse and buy used and such.  It wasn't because they were saving the planet.  It was because they knew that was their life and it was just how things had to be.  My guess is that it really goes back to the Great Depression or further back.  However, people weren't depressed about their lives.  They just were born knowing that WAS their lives.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I said this was a positive post in a positive blog, and this is within that circle.  Let's keep going.

Since I knew that my life was my life... wearing my brother's hand-me-downs, having two channels on the tv that we watched by turning a very heavy antenna with a pipe wrench, not having any type of computer, etc.. I found ways to make it interesting and entertaining. So, I learned to play outside .. in the woods or riding my bike or burning designs in leaves with an old glasses lense or creating things on my 200 in 1 kit.  I remember that I liked getting things like pen scope telescopes or fake smoke for card tricks or more out of the back of comic books.  Yes, it wasn't flashy, but it was fun... and I learned.

I learned electronics and physics and literature from reading and more, because that was what we had to do.  As a result, I grew confidence and creativity and other qualities that are lost on many younger generations, today, that simply receive input without interaction.  In short, I didn't have any of the features of current life and didn't have the comforts of the current day, but I was HAPPY in my life.  And, I didn't question it.  I neither cursed God for my life nor praised Him for what I had, because... it was that it was, even tough what it WAS helped me to become the person I am, today.

So, the next time someone has a meltdown from their digital device not working or things that are happening a world away, I hope you remember these words and put down the device, pick up a book or a pen or just walk out in nature and remember the world has been around for much longer and is much bigger than the problems we face, today.


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