Remember our horny days of youth?  I wasn't the hot guy, so I had a lot of time of imagination.  I remember that when Amanda came out by Def Leppard, I had a crush on an Amanda in school, which would later be replaced by a crush on her sister.  Of course, I never approached either of them, because I was and am pretty well a sky guy.  Over my high school years, I would have crushes on cheerleaders, athletes, bad girls, good girls, music artists, and more.  

On my second church camp, I would meet a girl and we would kiss, and even though it wasn't the greatest kiss it would keep me going for months.  I remember walking at homecoming with a very pretty girl and remember going to the prom, where I was recorded dancing with the bad girl I noted before.  I wore a white tux... white.  Now, as a guy, we have a problem.  Our sexual accessory tends to get wetter with our excitement.  Can you imagine my fear that as I held her that I would make a wet spot.. a fear I had over the years with others, as well.  ha.

Then, we "grow up" and act more civilized, but I can't be the only one that kept the dirty mind of youth.  I just learned to hide it and make more classy moves.  The problem with that is that as we class down our carnal passion, we find ourselves in passionless relationships or situations.

Maybe, we need to just let ourselves be the animal we are inside on the outside more often, even if it is not accepted by society as we age.  The reality is that most of them are dying a slow death of passionless days, as well.  I think that is why we tend to become more explicit and sexual as we age.  We just decided its not worth pretending for those that feel the same way and hide it to please others.


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