Results of Wise Choices and Work

 Hard work pays off, if it is managed well.  Even those periods in my past where I felt like my work went without return, it wasn't the work that failed but the choice of how that work was applied and received.  The WORK still increased SOMEONE and was therefore successful, even if I didn't feel the result as much as others.  Sometimes when we curse working so hard, what we REALLY should be doing is looking for more effective use of that work.

My point is broader than employment, but I will use work for money as the illustration and circle back to application in other areas.  It also has a direct tie into the theme of this blog, and I will get to that in the end.

Fifteen years ago, I was struggling with finances, which I had been doing for a while.  I started schooling for a professional job and got into accounting and management.  The difference was like between night and day in terms of my spending ability, society acceptance, and more.  The same is true more recently, when I started back in accounting, after years of doing Uber and online income.  The professional pay is higher and therefore lifestyle better.

I have noted on another blog how women tend to desire you more as a man, when you are able to spend on them and provide for their lifestyle.  However, it is not just limited to romance.  EVERYONE respects you more when you have money.  Yes, that is a critique on society, but it is also true.  They don't do it because they want your money, always...even if that is often true.  However, they see money as the adult version of achievement awards and therefore and indicator of success.  But, from housing to restaurants to more, more attention is given to those with money.

 There is a mis-perception on the right that feels that the poor are lazy, because they do not have the same wealth level as others, judging by the money standard.  However, I have ALWAYS worked hard in whatever I did, whether it be mowing yards and picking okra and more as a child, serving in the military, putting movies together and running projectors in movie theaters, homeschooling my daughter, or working in accounting and management.  However, some fields pay more than other forms of work application.  You can debate whether that is fair, but that debate is not going to change anything in your lifetime.  So... what is a better use of your time... complaining or making choices that DOES impact your life?

On my Benjamin Franklin quotes page, you will find several of his words that are applicable to this post.  One is that you should "Employ thy time well if thou meanst to gain leisure."  That doesn't just mean work as opposed to not working, though that is a very valid application.  It means making wise choices about which option pays the most for the time that you are using.  For example, when I was working at my lesser paying options, I was always right at the bills line, never having extra to spend on anything.  However, after making several choices about lower bill options and higher income options, I am going to baseball games, hockey games, Oktoberfest, Fall festivals, and more just in the last two weeks.  My old financial anxiety made me rush to check the budget the other day, expecting to find how I was going to have to cut costs to make up for the spending, but I am still on the budget where I included spending money... my investments don't have to be sold off... my timetables on goals are still in line.  And, it is because of wise choices.

Now.. the broader point.  This is true for more than making money.  Sometimes, you may find that you are spending a lot of time on people or living in places or such and feel you are a hamster on the wheel... spending a lot of energy for others and feeling no return to yourself.  Don't blame the work.  The work IS VALUABLE or others would not be using you to get it.  What you need is to make wise decisions about how that work is applied and how the results are distributed.  It doesn't necessarily mean drastic changes, even though that is sometimes necessary.  It MAY just mean you need to do some negotiating about how much of your own work results are channeled back to yourself, instead of waiting on someone else to give them to you.

How this point is applicable to this blog should be pretty evident by this post and the last one.  Benjamin Franklin said those things to others that believed those things... work pays more than not working and working WELL results in better lifestyle.  When I grew up I worked at those jobs, because I knew that my parents would not be able to give me what I wanted to have and would need to get it myself.  I didn't sit around and complain about that but just accepted it as a reality in my choices.  So, I worked more and got a car, while many kids today don't have one.  I worked harder and was able to live on my own in college.. again without parental supply.  My parents wanted me to have greater opportunities than they did, so they instilled in me the need for college... even though I learned ... again.. it is wise choices of majors that result in higher money.  I got a degree in a field that pays more, and I have the opportunity for more leisure in my life.

Our society is too focused on what they DON'T have and talking about lack, rather than making good use of their time and choices to more TOWARDS what they desire.  So, rather than blaming your work and sitting around watching tv marathons, make wise choices and be happy with both your work and your life.  As Franklin also said, "Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry all things easy."  But, don't forget to save what you work for the future as he reminds us, "You may call them goods, but if you do not take care, they will prove evils to some of you," and "For age and want, save while you may; no morning sun last a whole day."


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