Growing Alone

 One thing that we had in the older days was the ability to be alone and to grow alone.  I know that in our society that is always falling over one another that seems like a horrible thing.  Indeed, I think they have psychological conditions based around feeling disconnected from other people.  But, isn't it often the case that our greatest fears and depressions center around the fear we will disappoint others or whether we are good enough for them?

My dad used to pull me out to go hunting with our dogs in the woods... or fishing, but that wasn't as often.  I used to hate it.  I didn't like being out in the old and dark in the woods, rather than reading comics in my bedroom or watching tv (such as my tiny tv with a wire antenna was).  There were also dangers.  I remember one time sitting on the ground and thinking what a cute frog head that was by my leg as I sat.  Then, I noticed it had a neck and was a snake on which I was sitting.

However, that wasn't all there was in the woods at night.  There were stars... more stars than I could ever imagine when you got out away from the lights of town.  There was the gentle sound of the breeze in the trees.  There was also a lot of time to think things out.  Looking back, I think my dad was both trying to spend time with me and was trying to share with me a joy that he found in the stillness of the woods, as well.

Being alone isn't always bad.  I personally feel I am geared for relationships, but sometimes silence and stillness is the way to remember that the world existed a long time before us, is bigger than us, and is beautiful, and we are just passengers on it.  It's also a way for us to get to know the person we are and to discover that we like that person, whether or not anyone else ever takes the time in quiet to notice.

So, don't be like my resistance to being alone and feeling like I am missing out on things to be there.  Those things are still there waiting.  When you are rested and ready, you will be able to bring the refreshed YOU to meet the challenges and joys that await.


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