Good Old Future


 Once upon a time, people loved their MTV... I mean REALLY loved it and it was everywhere.  Now, it's a reality tv network for the most part.  They also LOVED their leggings, hairspray hair, neon colors, disco, peace symbols, walkmans, cassettes, laser disk players,  and so much more at different times.

History is full of things that were VERY popular in their day.  I don't just mean people knew about them, but they guided the daily trends of that time.  Yet, now, they are mostly forgotten.  Indeed, if you do them or even talk about them, you are mocked for STILL being interested in things or people now out of the trendy spotlight.  In fact, being OVER something has now become trendy, itself, as it shows you are staying current and not stuck in the past.  "That's so yesterday," they would say.

My point in bringing this up is that people change and the world changes, and people changes with the world.  If you spend your time trying to keep up with or impress trend seekers, you will always be left behind.  You would be better to find somethings that you like to do or be, even if people leave you behind.  Indeed, you can find a whole range of things that are now outdated or forgotten that were and objectively ARE good and can make you perfectly happy.  That doesn't just include shows or clothes but lifestyles and marriages.

Our society has become so obsessed with change that they left good things behind.  In 13 Going on 30, Jennifer Garner said that "we have to remember what used to be good," and she was right.  We've gone from moving on to the next trend to angrily trying to REPLACE the good with unsettled trends that will be gone, yesterday.  In this war of ideals, they classify everything old as bad, because it included some things that came from a different culture, even if there are many things of that time that were not only good but provide solutions to the problems of this day.  And... as happens with trends, the past is starting to become trendy, again (but don't follow it for that reason).

I have created this site to focus on the things that used to be good... like marriage, church, picnics, the outdoors, games you play together, and much more.  I have only started developing this site, but you will find music, art, streaming links, quotes, and so much more as the site grows.  I hope you follow along.


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