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Good Old Future

   Once upon a time, people loved their MTV... I mean REALLY loved it and it was everywhere.  Now, it's a reality tv network for the most part.  They also LOVED their leggings, hairspray hair, neon colors, disco, peace symbols, walkmans, cassettes, laser disk players,  and so much more at different times. History is full of things that were VERY popular in their day.  I don't just mean people knew about them, but they guided the daily trends of that time.  Yet, now, they are mostly forgotten.  Indeed, if you do them or even talk about them, you are mocked for STILL being interested in things or people now out of the trendy spotlight.  In fact, being OVER something has now become trendy, itself, as it shows you are staying current and not stuck in the past.  "That's so yesterday," they would say. My point in bringing this up is that people change and the world changes, and people changes with the world.  If you spend your time trying to keep up with or

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